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Wednesday, June 08, 2005
  6:56 PM — Grab'n'Go
If I could only grab one thing (posession) from my house before it burned to the ground otherwise taking me with it, I would save Peeper, my adorable 15-yr old cockatiel. (See this post for a photo.) If two items, I am hard pressed to say whether the second would be my laptop or my wallet. I'm slightly inclined towards the laptop since I'd have to leave my cellphone either way, and the laptop has most important numbers in it.

And yeah, I know someone's going to bitch that pets aren't things, but according to the law in most states, that's all they are. Animal cruelty laws are barely enforced, and if your neighbor runs over your dog, you're likely to be awarded the cost of replacing the animal, but not really much for emotional distress. Some juries award more than the dollar value of the pet under some "unique item" clause, but that doesn't really help.

I'd save my dog and cats (2) before anything else, so I won't give you any problems over wanting to save your cockatiel.

Thankfully, the dog follows me everywhere, so I would just have to get the cats and let the dog follow us.

Beyond that, no idea.
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