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Thursday, May 19, 2005
  10:44 AM — Pudgy Budgie
Man, Peeper's getting FAT! She now weighs in at 83.5g, while last September she was 74g. Last time we were at the vet, back in March, she said that it was a healthy weight gain. (The vet said, not Peeper.) But now I've got this image of little Peeper sitting on her tailfeathers on a mini bird couch watching TV, pecking at the buttons on the remote control, while devouring popcorn. Not too far from the reality of her life.

Actually, she's always been a scrawny runt. 75g has been her usual weight (mass, says the physicist in me) throughout adulthood, while 90-110g is typical of cockatiels in general. Doesn't she just look so chubby? (No, not chibi, though she's that too.)

Birdie Fatz

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