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Sunday, June 26, 2005
  11:30 PM — Car!
All hail Meineke! My car's back, better than ever. Bob told me he changed the ignition, turn signal switch, and high beam switch; I noticed the whole turn signal stalk was changed; and he told me he took out all the ball bearings and repacked (cleaned and regreased them). Awesome! I'm not sure which part of that kept the steering column/wheel from jiggling, but it worked. Everything feels smoother than it ever was. Two thumbs up for this Meineke! (YMMV--Your Mileage May Vary)

I ended up getting it back Friday morning, so I didn't even need the ride to Amherst from my coworker. This of course, thwarted the concept of T$ and I visiting Boston (as my home is kinda halfway, making the car situation difficult), however I bludgeoned him into letting me buy him swim trunks for his birthday and we went swimming at Puffer's Pond a scant half hour before the skies opened up. Glad I wasn't driving at the time.

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