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Sunday, June 26, 2005
  4:41 PM — Severe Weather
I was sitting playing Mario Kart Double Dash with T$, when I realized the hot weather we'd gone swimming in a half hour ago had suddenly changed to a downpour that was coming in the window on me. We ran around the 6-BR house closing windows (except for the roommate's they don't like). We noticed that rain had come in J's window all over his stereo, posters, and then I noticed that his clock was flashing 12:00. Unfortunately, the power had skipped sometime during our mad dash, and our game was lost. But then I noticed the severe weather statement for Amherst:

This is a dangerous storm. If you are in its path... prepare immediately for damaging winds... destructive hail... and deadly cloud to ground lightning. People outside should move to a shelter... preferably inside a strong building but away from windows.

(National Weather Service, c/o

Holy shit! Mere, you freaking out about this? (And if so, in a good or bad way?)

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