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Tuesday, September 27, 2005
  10:08 AM — Signs of the apocalypose
From an email from my Dad,

On L.I. 2-days ago, a car driver purposely rear-ended a bike and drove him into the back of a car, killing the cyclist instantly. After his arrest, they found he had previously been arrested for running down his wife several years ago.
My theory
People see the news: Iraq, Katrina, Rita, inflation, unemployment, 911; and they see theur world is out of control. They use their rage (looting, road rage, violence) as a way of taking personal control (what do they have to loose?).
Sad to say: Anarchy, racism, weather stuff (floods/droughts/hurricanes), economic class, geography (high vs low ground) are the challenges ahead.

Stay inland and surround yourself w. good friends.

The end is near! If my city ever gets evacuated, here's what I'm taking.

Interesting theory. We were on the edge of Rita here in Houston. We did not evacuate cause we were on the NW side of Houston. At one point the weather guys said we were going to have 130mph winds in our area. Houses dont do well in that. Luckily we were spared the worst although we lost power for 12 hours. Spent a lot of time thinking about things!
Um...when exactly would your town be evacuated? Only scenario that comes to my mind would be if Godzilla suddenly arose from Lake Q. But that'd be pretty damn cool.
Hoo shit, that'd be AWESOME! Though unlikely - Godzilla prefers salt water, while Nessie prefers fresh.

But anyway, we're not quite as safe as Storrs, CT, so we might someday be evacuated, who knows.
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