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Friday, September 16, 2005
  6:28 AM — Belated Webcomics Telethon
This's a belated bit of info, but better late than never. Many webcomics authors out there have banded together to host a web-a-thon for Red Cross donations to hurricane relief. On this past Tuesday and Wednesday, every 20 minutes a new free webcomic was uploaded to the telethon site for your viewing pleasure. It's possible they're still going though, as I believe the number of comics they received was amazing. Participants include PVP, Sluggy Freelance, the Blank Label Comics people, a number of Keenspot people, and many various others. Keenspot even ran a box ad for it even though it's not one of their own products.

Go to the Webcomics Telethon page. Click the back button repeatedly until you get sick of it. Then go to the Red Cross link at the top and donate -- you'll be sent to the Red Cross homepage and you'll donate there, so you KNOW that the money isn't going to feed peckish webcomic artists / authors, but starving Katrina refugees. The webcomics telethon people are requesting that you self-report how much money you're going to donate so they can keep track of how effective the drive has been -- $27,000 as of my pageload this morning!

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