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Thursday, September 01, 2005
  10:16 PM — Animals; Something Awful
I read a little earlier about a boy who had to leave his dog behind. Update I just found a link to one article on it on CNN. A bus had finally come to take him to Texas, but they wouldn't let him bring his dog. He cried so hard he threw up. The National Guard at the scene told the reporter the dog would almost certainly die. I don't know what I would do if I had that option: get on the bus without Peeper or don't. Maybe I'd find a way to sneak her on. If the option were me and my child get on the bus without a pet or not at all, I'm sure I'd do it, and I'm sure either the boy's parents decided that, or the guardsmen did.

If you want to donate to charity for animals, check out The Humane Society's webpage on it.

Man, this's all starting to get to me. Tomorrow I mail the boxes.

If you ever used to read Something Awful (, you've noticed it's down. That's because their servers were in NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana). Holed up in the server room is The Interdictor, formerly SA's "crisis manager," and posessing a military background. He's got diesel generators and somehow got the gas, and apparently the internet isn't down. He even took one of the servers over to City Hall to help them get back up, though I'm not sure what good it'll do. There's a police man and a few others there with him, and they're taking shifts 24/7 so they don't get looted, etc. I'm not sure if they have guns. Apparently people have urged him to get out, but he's staying there till the Hell and high water are gone.

I too have wondered about this dilemma and I am definitely not a pet person but I know other people are. Saying to a person "no pets" is like saying one of the children can't come.

Of course it is a terrifying situation and human life is sacrosanct but I think there are many who would give up their own life than jeopardise their pet's life.
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