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Saturday, August 27, 2005
  8:56 PM — Stress and Food
I haven't eaten a meal all day; I must be stressed.

I was explaining my eating habits to Tacotortoise yesterday evening. I normally am a small eater. When I am stressed, I eat less. When I am busy, I eat less. When I cook only for myself, I eat less. When the food's not that good, I eat less. And so on, with the end result that it's easy for me to lose weight, but harder to put it back on.

It's not uncommon for me to stop eating well before I'm full. I'm just bored of moving the fork, or my mouth craves a different taste and loses all interest in the current taste. This is thankfully a far cry from the average American (such as my dad), who continues to eat well past the point where he or she is full. I recall reading somewhere that there's a chemical in the brain that translates the eating process into pleasure; I must be short on that chemical.

It's nothing I'm worried about though, I don't have an unhealthy weight, and I just learned this week that my total cholesterol is a safe 174 - must be due to the low quantity of food, because it's certainly not due to my choice in food! The interesting part is that sometimes, like now, I realize I'm stressed by the fact that I'm not eating. I had a half an omlette for breakfast, five mozzarella sticks for lunch, and now at 9pm realized I should have dinner sometime, so I'm heating some Chef Boyardee because nothing seemed tasty to me and that's easy and I probably won't have leftovers.

The stress is probably because there's 11 days and counting until the resumption of the semester, and I need to finish syllabi, a couple weeks of lesson plans, and a couple months of HW and labs. *gulp*

There goes the microwave buzzer, I better try and force some of this down.

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