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Friday, August 26, 2005
  1:23 PM — President
The President of my college has been busy. (I hope I haven't already said all this.) First she vetoed the job search I was on--you know, the one she started? Then she announced her resignation in October for a new president position at another school.

So, this makes me mildly worried about my own job. There are two VPs at the school, Academic Affairs and Facilities (?). They apparently don't get along. Usually one of them would be elevated to temp Pres until a new one was found, but b/c of the tension between them, we're going to be getting someone external. Eventually (say 2-5 years) we'll get a new permanent pres., who is likely to lay off many of the current administrators. The VP of AA is the one who created my position, but she is generally disliked within the college and supposedly has quite a temper and isn't nice to people, so she's a shoe-in for firing. I do not have tenure yet, which means I can have my contract "not renewed" at the discretion of the president. Which means if we're short on money and the VPoAA isn't there to advocate for my position...

Yeah, it's a bit worrisome, but there's not much I can do in the meantime, and it is a little ways off. I'll probably chat with my dept coordinator about it in the next couple weeks, see what she thinks. I also hope to get on the search committee for a new pres for two reasons: I want one who'll build us a new science and technology building; and if the pres knows my name and face from the search, s/he'd be less likely to "let me go."

Good luck and think positive. A move might end up as the best thing as long as you keep positive about whatever happens. Still, it's a worry and a bit of a bummer.
Thanks for the encouragement, but it really wouldn't be a good thing from where I'm sitting: I just started this job a year ago, and it took 9 months and 50+ applications to get it in the first place. At least I'm in a union, so they might be able to help me out, or I might be able to move to a different site.
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