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Friday, August 26, 2005
  10:46 PM — London Photos
You asked for it, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament and here they are, my London photos, all 204 of the highlights... Files named SV* were taken by T$, while those named IMG* were by me.

For people I know in person, London City Hall if you like one, I'll gladly give you an 8"x10" framed signed print. For people I correspond with via blogs, let me know if you want a larger (4Mpx) version, Horse Palace and London Eye from which you can print up to 8"x10" on your own. For complete strangers, I will sell you an 8"x10" version of any image for $50 (it costs me $25 in materials and some 2 hours in labor). For any of the above, Flood let me know the file name of the image (listed underneath the picture). If it's one of T$'s, I'll have to get his permission first for any of the above.

Hope you like them! Tower Bridge I do enjoy constructive feedback, so let me know any comments you have on specific images. I must say that this time I don't feel like I've got any really spectacular photos, but more of a travelogue.

Thanks Zandperl! I've only looked at one so far - the light bulbs in a jar of water - that looks so cool :-) Because of my schedule I'll have to come back in a few days to go through them and am looking forward to it :-)
Found you via Doris - wow you went everywhere! Greenwich is a whole day trip in itself.
I cant understand why you have a picture of a Passion Flower/Passiflora. Do you get them at home? If not, well they like dark on the roots, will grow up through other bushes quite happily and seem happy in bad soil. Mine is seeding now - all those big green bulbs are going orange and ready to drop - each full of seeds. Are you allowed to import? I could send you a sandwich box full just so you got some English ones. :-)
Cheryl, no we don't have passionflowers here in the States, and I thought it was really bizzare and Georgia O'Keefe-esque. I've also got lots of pictures of birds we don't have here, but my bird obsession is somewhat more understandable. (I have a pet cockatiel.)

As for importing seeds, I currently live in an apartment and don't get much chance to garden, so thanks for the offer, but I'll wait until I have my own house, hopefully in a few years. :) Are they annual or perrenial anyway?

One whole category of things we didn't see was the various free museums and palaces. While I was up for that, T$ wasn't really, so it's on my to-do list for next time I visit. Unless we do New Zealand or Italy or something instead. *grin*
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