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Monday, August 22, 2005
  2:58 PM — Gassy
During the month I was away from Massachusetts, the price for a gallon of gas skyrocketted from something like a dollar eighty to two sixty, prompting me to recalculate the cost of gas to drive to work, vs. taking the bus. Bus is $1.50 ($1.25 fare plus 25c transfer). Drive it work is 5.1 miles according to Yahoo maps, and my car gets an abyssmal 14 mpg (miles per gallon) in the city. For gas to cost the same, it'd have to cost $4.118 for a gallon (5.1mi*$4.118/gal / (14mi/gal) = $1.50). (If it were 18 mpg, I'd hold out for $5.294). At the current price of $2.599/gal, I am paying $0.947 per trip to campus.

It becomes more and more cost efficient to bus to campus. If gas hits five bucks a gallon I am DEFINITELY going to bus a few days a week. There's a monthly pass for $38, which would be economical for me if I bussed around 13 days a month, or 3 days a week.

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