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Sunday, August 21, 2005
  9:11 PM — CTY - You Belong Here
A sammka post inspires me to blog on CTY. (Strangely, I always mentally pronounce her screen name "sam-SACK-a", with the extra sylLAble.)

It's really amazing that I never discovered CTY sooner. All my high school friends knew of it, and some even went there. Last summer, my first time teaching there, my students pointed out that I was a stereotypical CTYer, in that I was half Asian and half Jewish. A few years ago I developed a love for TMBG; I have long enjoyed 80's music. I like dancing, but when I do so around normal people I have to close my eyes so I don't realize that they're there; CTYers instead make we watch in joy and amazement as they brandish their pants and chant "go eat corn!" Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I see nothing wrong with wearing my underwear on the outside so that the Dean of Res Life tells me that while my clothes may be in horribly poor taste, they are "CTY appropriate." Sudoku is a perfectly normal passtime. I belong there.

And yet, there were so many little issues this summer, my second, regarding how the two halves of the site interacted, and the lack of information that we required to do our jobs appropriately. In one case, a student (not one of mine) could have DIED due to info his instructor and TA didn't have (nut allergy requiring an epipen). Many classes were not allowed to use their own budgets to go on essential educational trips. Spacecadet and I grow increasingly frustrated at how we aren't allowed to stay out and actually DO our "field science." I'm thinking of going back to my alma mater's Astrocamp during the second session of CTY next year. That's only some 4 days long, but the hours are 12 noon to 12 midnight. Much more appropriate. I could still do first session then, if I decided to. Most of the "veterans" come second session only though. And I wonder if I'd have priority over the woman who did first session this year, or if she would, if she choses to return.

<shrug> That's half a year away, I'll worry later, and just revel in the wonderful wackiness of CTY in the meantime.

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