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Sunday, August 28, 2005
  1:51 PM — Connections
I should make a flow chart for this and post it here.

My first year as a grad, I had physics classes with Renrut. He had been roommates as an undergrad with JaTo, who was two years our junior. JaTo went to high school with T$ and LupusRufus. I ended up dating T$ (for the last three years) and soon after LupusRufus and JY started going out.

JaTo also had a friend from the good ol' days of BBSs, Brooks. One day Brooks complained to me on IM that no one had played a good prank on him in ages, so I enlisted the help of LittleJennyCat. She pretended to be a friend of his that he'd forgotten about while I fed her lines. This worked so well, that they have been friends since, including one incidence where LittleJennyCat came up to the area to meet w/ a few friends. She stayed with StXi, JY bussed in to visit, and of course she brought LupusRufus with her. (I didn't make it due to snow.) Brooks did a total double-take when he saw LupusRufus, b/c they knew each other thru JaTo.

Summer last year I started doing CTY. There I made friends with TacoTortoise, who it turns out did Math Olympics with LupusRufus. And just today I discovered that Sammka is LJ friends with Rosefox! To make matters more interesting, I'm pretty sure I once asked Brooks if he knew Rosefox, since everyone knows both of them, and he did, from some SciFi convention. I should ask Rosefox if she remembers him.

My head's spinning. I just remembered that I did make a flow chart of much of this at LupusRufus' last birthday party, with his help, on his whiteboard. Too bad I didn't take a photo of it, or if I did I must've lost it w/ the other photos.

iresprite looks vaguely familiar, and we certainly have plenty of friends in common, but I don't recall meeting him.

Setting up an LJ account for yourself is ridiculously easy, and there's a lot you can do with a free one. Joooooooin uuuuuuuus!
I do have an LJ account, but without the paid version, I can't

* edit the page template (only chose among the options they give - not that mine here's all that hot)
* post to my blog via email (not that I use it)
* have a subscription list for new posts (not that I use it)

The last two I investigated b/c I wanted to figure out if I could automatically send my blogger posts to a LJ blog, but only thru the intervention of Meredithanne42 did that end up being possible.
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