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Wednesday, August 17, 2005
  11:36 AM — Bidet
On our first night in London, Monday 8/15, the Rubens at the Palace (4-stars, across the street from Buckingham Palace and the Royal Mews) told us something'd gone wrong and they were overbooked. We got "upgraded" to the Milestone, a 5-star hotel in/near Kensington and they paid for a cab to take us over there. We were offerred complimentary wine or champagne, but after a 7 hr dehydrating flight I didn't think it wise. The bed was only a double, and the room barely fit it, but the bathroom was bigger than the bedroom and included a bidet. It really entertained me. (Stop thinking inappropriate things!) I forgot to snap a picture of it though. :-P I recall reading a discussion on another blog (maybe Gran's on Bran?) about why Brits think bidets are cool, but I can't really remember how it went...

Welcome back Zandperl :-)

Sounds like you had fun and I look forward to some more photos when you can.

The Milestone also looks special but pity about the size of the room. Though I love it when the bathroom is spacious.

So you got to enjoy a bidet and can now see what I was going on about!! I hope it enhanced your holiday greatly ;-)
Ooh, and this post of Doris's too. Man, bidets are hilarious! :) I wonder if I can get one here in the Colonies.
Glad to know you are doing well. Drop me a line sometime and we can catch up.

Mackin with Pappy
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