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Sunday, July 03, 2005
  2:08 PM — Status Report
My car horn honks in right turns. It's pretty amusing - every time I tell someone they start laughing, so this one's not just me. It only does it around 50% of the time, and it's pretty soft, so at least I'm not a public nuisance. I had it in the shop Friday to try and get that fixed, but driving to Amherst this weekend I was honking my way through Belchertown on Rt 9 (road curves to the right a lot). I'll try again Tuesday.

Check out the following dialogue carried out in the Apple Care repair status webpage:

06/24/2005 Repair Requested
06/24/2005 Request Acknowledged
07/01/2005 Unit Received
07/01/2005 Begin Repair
07/01/2005 Begin Testing
07/02/2005 Ready to Ship
07/02/2005 Unit Shippped/Completed
07/02/2005 Closed

So the videocard died the night of Thurs June 23, I called up Fri June 24, the shipping box arrived Tues June 28, it was picked back up Wed June 29, arrived there, got repaired, and was tested Fri July 1, shipped back out Sat July 2, and I'll probably pick it up from campus Tues July 5. This rocks! I'm excited. :)

T$ says they may send a receipt with the price of the fixing and an Apple Care credit for the same amount. If they do, I'll post how much it was for your viewing pleaseure.

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