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Friday, July 15, 2005
  6:55 AM — Random Acts of Verbiage shoutout
Just thought I'd post a link to Matt's Random Acts of Verbiage. You wouldn't know he was an astro/phys major from his occasional Christian posts, but you wouldn't know he's Christian from the great discussion on evolution and quantum physics we've been having. :-P (I never said I wasn't biased...)

And just another little reminder (to those couple of readers who don't know me in person) that I'll be on hiatus (perhaps with intermittant posts and rare replies) until mid-August, and then on school schedule starting Labor Day.

Have some great time away Zandperl. See you when you get back :-)
Have a great vacation and thanks much for the link! But watch out, my "Christian side" might come back to haunt you! All joking aside, I love to engage different faiths and discuss our differeces in an intelligent way (that at the minimum recognizes that having different beliefs is ok... even if mine are right ;) ).

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