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Friday, July 01, 2005
  11:10 AM — Five Favorite Free Funs!
Meme: What's your 5 favorite things to do that're cheap or free? (Painter's Blog)

  1. Go swimming at a local pond. Ice skate instead if it's winter.

  2. Bike ride. Much more interesting sights to see than jogging.

  3. Watch fireworks (only available certain times of the year).

  4. Take a nap in the sun.

  5. Design a webpage (presuming you already have a computer and server space).


My five most favorite things hmmmmm.

1. Music of all kind from clasical to foreign music
2. Dancing to the music
3.Writing poetry
4.Eating out, I love eating out
5. Sitting outside just relaxing and looking at the beauty of nature, there's nothing prettier then green grass, beautiful trees and flower against a blue sky. I hope I drop dead outside so that will be the last thing that I see I will be happy. lol
1. sitting in Hilton park watching the boats go by
2.driving into the mountains of NH just for the view
3.sitting on my balcony watching the sunset
4.laying in the hammock in my mother-in-law's backyard
5.window shopping in downtown dover
yea i figured ya like dirt naps lmao
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