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Thursday, July 14, 2005
  10:34 AM — Comfort Zone
I worry about my little Peeper for the next month. She's taken a liking to my new futon, and sits on the left arm rest, contentedly preening herself, as I play on my laptop or eat at the coffee table which is really an old cedar chest my Nga Boo brought from China. I've been working on her comfort level with me moving around the house: like babies, she doesn't understand the concept of object permanence and freaks out when I leave her line of sight. Well, I think she knows I'll be back, but prefers to complain about it. I've been training her to sit somewhere in the living room where she can see the whole living room, kitchen, and foyer, so that she'll hopefully only yell if I go into my bedroom or bathroom. And it seems to be working too, she's been more sedate about it lately. (It's T$'s fault really, my trying this: he gets tired of her yelling everytime we do something, and said I shouldn't jump at her every whim, and he's right.)

But now I'm worried about the move. It really takes her three months to get used to a new place, and we'll be in Lancaster for only three weeks, and then she'll even be without me for a whole 'nother week, but Jethereal will be taking care of her then, so she'll be ok. She likes him a lot too, but he's no me. ;)

Your little peeper looks real sweet - I saw the photo you posted a little while ago. I can't imagine a bird could get so connected to a human like a dog would.
One of my friends described her more like a rabbit: most people keep rabbits in their cage all the time, so they're not particularly social, they're just nice to look at. But some people have their rabbits stay out of the cage most of the time and socialize with the people in the house. These become quite friendly with the people they know.

Or so I'm told, I'm unfortunately allergic to bunnies too, hence the feathered pet. :( Not that I'd change now, I've really grown to love birds. ^_^
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