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Sunday, June 19, 2005
  11:12 PM — Which Side Are You On?
Music: Which Side Are You On? - Tom Juravich (ask me about the "goat lady" at the start); Dropkick Murphys
(a traditional/folk/protest song; both artists' versions available on iTunes, along with a few others)

I'd origionally written a bitchy post to put under this heading, until I read an email from my union pres stating that the bargaining committee and the BHE have tentatively agreed to a contract (for AY 2003-2006, I believe) that would "increase the minimum salary by 75% which provides the promised market update." No wonder they're trying to keep this under wraps -- if Romney saw that even tenured professors don't understand the concept of decimal points, he'd certainly have the right to wonder why he's spending so much money on us.

Seriously, despite what MUST be a misplaced decimal and my resultant temporary elation, it does sound like there's some good stuff in this contract, even for us newbies. And we are keeping somewhat hush-hush about it (that is, not staging massive pickets on Beacon Hill), as apparently the last time we won a good contract in bargaining and shoved it in Romney's face he got pretty pissed, and here we are today. Or so I'm told.

Not like this one'll get funded until 2010 anyway, we're still working on AY 2002-2003.


We had a program here that was recently funded and all of the participants were asked to cover the costs and get the return in three days because of a problem with funds. Now, here we are two months later and still no refund.
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