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Monday, June 27, 2005
  8:30 PM — Theoretical Raise
Too bad raises never really happen in Massachusetts. The MCCC bargining committee and the BHE (Board of Higher Ed) have come to a tentative agreement (aka contract propsal) that would result in a four thousand dollar raise for me (after working through a series of worksheets). $4.3k spread out over 12 months amounts to some $360 per month. Added to my $600/month rent makes nearly $1k/month that I could then spend on a mortgage!

But like I said, this won't happen. The contract in question would be for the 2003-2006 fiscal years (FY's go from June 1, so in effect it's the same as the academic year, AY, which I say goes from Sept 1). Governor Romney hasn't even submitted, let alone approved, our contract for 1999-2003.

This man wants to run for the Republican slate (president) in 2008. This man is the reason I am living in a one-bedroom apartment in a near-ghetto. A full-time faculty member shouldn't have to live like this. A respected professional shouldn't have to consider taking on a roommate just to pay for car repairs.

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