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Sunday, June 19, 2005
  10:51 AM — Sound Familiar?

A subspecies of Guido... 'The Shady Greaseball.' This gentleman sports slicked-back, greasy hair which is always long and stringy in the back. His face, customarily ratlike in appearance, will feature a pair of eyes which seemingly look everywhere at once, perpetually searching for the next pile of shit to jump into. (Clublife)

From the blog of a NYC bouncer that Unofischal got me hooked on reading the archives of. Doesn't that sound like a certain prof we all know and love? Believe me, if you've met him, you KNOW who I'm talking about!

Yeah, I probably should've run him over when I had the chance, in the crosswalk that fateful day! He would've left a greasy splotch on my car though. Ick.
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