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Tuesday, June 28, 2005
  5:09 PM — Pictures

  1. NYC pictures are going to have to wait even longer than my lazy ass was dictating. I couldn't fit them all onto my USB drive so I don't have a backup of them while my iBook is being sent out for repairs. Here's hoping they don't fuck up the hard drive!

  2. Smileys!Speaking of the iBook, my DHL shipping package arrived today. I wrapped it up with love and care (but without the kiss for goodluck, everything's too icky sticky for that) and the enclosed tape. The directions on how to pack it were illustrated with photos and smiley faces. Older (and less cute) versions of the directions are available online.

  3. And speaking of cute things, look: it's Peeper! <grin> I took her outside for a half hour last week (before the torrential downpours of this past weekend). I want to do so a few times before I leave for CTY in the hopes that she'll get more used to going new places. We live right off a major street right now, but there's a big empty grassy park behind the house, so I carried her in her carry cage out to the middle of the park (away from trees, fences, telephone poles, kids, and dogs) and then let her out where it was relatively safe. Sunlight does us both good! Half hour was too short for her to get totally comfortable, but she wasn't freaking anymore by the time we left. She was likely more unnerved by being in the travel cage than being outside, but I didn't think it was safe to have her out near a busy street.


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