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Tuesday, June 14, 2005
  7:36 PM — Pasta Salad
A great thing to make for a heat wave! I added avocado this time, but didn't include the hard boiled eggs and some of the other veggies, and it's awesome. Be forewarned: the recipie below is vague, as are all the recipies I "write." Think of it as giving you room for variation and self-expression. If you like rigid recipies then you've come to the wrong place.



  1. Prepare whole package of pasta according to directions. Include a little olive oil to help with sticking later.

  2. Rinse pasta in cold water. Drain and place in large mixing/serving bowl.

  3. Hard boil eggs. (You can use the water from the pasta if you like to save electricity, heat and time.)

  4. Add Italian dressing and spices to pasta to taste. Mix.

  5. Chop various veggies into small pieces. (I probably do around 20 baby carrots, half a cucumber, 10 cherry tomatos...)

  6. Cut avocado and (peeled) hard boiled eggs into slightly larger pieces to prevent mushing.

  7. Crumble feta.

  8. Add veggies, egg, feta, and acovado to pasta to taste. (Taste after each item to see if you like your balance. Add feta near the end so it doesn't overwhelm the others--or allow people to add to their own taste. Add avocado last so it doesn't lose integrity too soon.)

  9. Chill further if desired.

  10. Serve cold.


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