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Monday, June 20, 2005
  9:15 PM — Oops!
I discovered an interesting incompatability. After I added a second set of Google ads, for some reason they were showing in my Flickr badge, and the Flicker images were showing in the Google ads. Click the below images ("errors" circled in green) for larger versions. However, it's a browser issue rather than a coding issue since (as you hopefully see) it only appears to happen in Mozilla. I'm using Safari now and having no problems. Please leave a comment if you see it in another browser.

Flickr in Google

Google in Flickr

Speaking of images, yeah, I know I still owe you NYC pictures, but somehow this's so much more entertaining to me!

I would never have noticed either way. Stuff like that just passes me by.
i don't know why, exactly, but for some reason, flickr seems impersonal to me.
And even more strangely, the two-column format doesn't work at work. I wonder if they've got some blockers set up, because it's MSIE which most everything works on. Or it could be b/c it's an older version...

Yeah, Flickr does seem somewhat impersonal. I'm shocked how quickly I ate through my monthly upload quota. I wanted to use them so I didn't take up all the hosting space on my friend's server I'd been using before, but when I've already used up my Flickr space and I only got some 20 images out of it, that's kinda sad. Well, it'll reset next month.
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