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Friday, June 10, 2005
  9:13 PM — North Shore
Music: Aselin Debison - Driftwood

Today Jethereal and I went on a day/driving trip to the North Shore. In case you're unfamiliar with the term, in Massachusetts the "North Shore" refers to the stretch of beachfront property stretching between Boston and New Hampshire: pricey and gorgeous! There's LOTS of miles to cover there.

Sidewalk Worms
We took I-495 up and over and then various little roads from there. Our first stop was the quaint brick town Newburyport where it must've rained recently, because the sidewalks had lots of worms on them.

Actually, we found the source of the worms a little later.

Beautiful beach views
The rest of the day we spent going to various beaches on the North Shore, and eating way too much fudge. The views at the beach were just gorgeous!

I did manage to snap a single shot of myself and Jethereal together. Amazingly, I was holding the camera at arms length while I took this one. If only my face were less distorted... :-P

There is no such thing as too much fudge.
Looks like fun. I miss you guys!!!
i miss you too and i don't even know you :)
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