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Wednesday, June 08, 2005
  12:25 PM — IMDB
I just discovered today that the IMDB saves and charts demographics of people who vote on movies. For example, how much you like American History X is inversely proportional to your age. Or for Monsoon wedding, younger men like the movie less than older men, while younger women like it more than older women, but overall women like it better than men.

I'm impressed at the level of detail of info. Two interesting points they don't really disclose:

  1. It's a SLOP: self-selected opinion poll, meaning it is not a representative sample. People who participate in the survey are more likely to enjoy the movie in the first place.

  2. Perhaps that's why they weight the average by some mysterious undisclosed algorithm.

That's ok, most readers of the page probably don't have enough training in statistics or surveys to realize these drawbacks exist, or that they are drawbacks at all. :-\

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