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Wednesday, June 22, 2005
  9:11 AM — I wonder who wrote this; Escaflowne dream

I wonder why, I wonder why, I wonder why I wonder.
I wonder why I wonder why I wonder why I wonder.

I interpret this as follows:

((I wonder why) (I wonder why)) (I wonder why (I wonder))
(I wonder why (I wonder why (I wonder why (I wonder))))

Not too sure why this popped into my head first thing in the morning. I'm also not sure why my last two dreams before waking were of describing Escaflowne (Fox version, original Japanese) to JT while standing in nighttime fog in London, and later visiting Anonymous Politician at the Mormon US Air Force Base. When I woke I could actually remember the words I used to describe Escaflowne. I think it was something like "a typical teenager gets transported into a fantasy world in the midst of civil war and proves crucial to its outcome," but in a few more sentences. It's an AWESOME series, I wish I had a copy. I originally came in in the middle of the Fox version on TV when I had free cable for a few months in Belchertown. When my cable got shut off, I borrowed the original Japanese from a friend, and it's much better. Besides the voices sounding less shrill, Fox cut various scenes to fit TV time which added a lot to the story.


The 'I wonder' poem is torturous.
Happened to watch a episode just now. But yap, agree it's way better in Japanese. The English dubbing in many anime series are quite annoying.

Dicey from
I wondered at first why you were wondering about the wondering why phrase. And then I wondered if you had wondered if you had overdone the brackets just a little. So I wandered through the wonderings and pondered on the bracketing and eventually wondered at your brilliance at even bothering to wonder about what the wonderings meant.
The "I wonder why" poem was from the famous American physicist R. P. Feynman. He added it to the end of a philosophy paper that he had to write as an undergraduate at MIT. He hated philosophy and thought it should be more experimental. He spent a great deal of time trying to watch himself fall asleep. He wanted to observe what happens to his own consciousness (self awareness).
Awesome Jethereal! I'll go and update it with Feynman. They should make a movie out of his books, like A Beautiful Mind.

And now I've got the Escaflowne soundtrack playing in iTunes... I'm looking forward to seeing Howl's Moving Castle this weekend for T$'s birthday.
Such a small world! I've just read my first Feynman book... so I'm not surprised it it his work.

When I wrote a review on my blog I had all sorts of responses including mention that Feynman appears as a character in the play QED. I don't know how much of role he has.

Was that the right link for Howl's Moving Castle?
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