Strange Musings *hyuk*
Saturday, June 18, 2005
  4:10 PM — Header and Banner!
I've made a little banner, above, to look prettier on this page. It's kinda small, so I'll be making a nicer one someday, but I think that's all I've the energy for currently! :-P
Nice full image header now up!
If you wanted a banner to link to my site, unlikely though it might be, you can use the following:

Strange Musings banner for linking

I'm sure T$ will say the font's hard to read on either, but I really wasn't liking any of the traditional Sans Serif -- Arial, Helvetica, Verdana, Trebuchet, I tried them all. They all looked too sterile compared to the "organic" flow of the image. The colors I chose for the title "Strange Musings" and subtitle "*hyuk*" are actually from the image, as opposed to my original idea of just doing plain white. Again, that seemed really flat and dead. However, there's a lot of contrast within the strawberries where I wanted to place the title, so if you squint you'll see that the title is doubled: once in teal (strawberry basket), and underneath in purple (plastic pail). The purple helps increase the contrast of the title against the green strawberry leaves and the shine on the strawberries.

Yay, I've still got what it takes to BS about artsy schtuff! <grin>

How do you create a banner?

I have no idea how and I know it's something simple to do.

Until I figure it out I'm going to use yours.
Feel free to use my banner and link to my blog! :)

As for how to create a banner, start off with getting a program that can edit images. I suggest Photoshop, though iPhoto for Macs and something similar for PCs can do half of what you need.

I think banners are typically 468x60 pix, but I may be mistaken. Also, use YOUR OWN photos, or ones that are public domain (such as any NASA or Hubble Space Telescope images) unless you want the possibility of being sued.

I'd suggest hunt around on Google for a banner tutorial to start.

Good luck!
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