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Tuesday, June 28, 2005
  11:04 PM — Freedom?
This is totally bizzare to me. Someone's opened a Cafepress store to sell anti ACLU merchandise. One of the sets of items has the description "LET FREEDOM RING! and it will ring much louder when the ACLU is gone!"


There's a complete disconnect there. Kinda like how in the fall one of my final exam questions was to compare and contrast the geocentric and heliocentric models of the solar system and one student simply threw out all the keywords she could brainstorm. Man, I shouldn't've recycled those, they're priceless! :-P

Let Freedom Ring!

At the part where you went "*blink*", I was doing the same...

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:: Roger
I try to explain the necessity of the ACLU to my mother over and again. She only says, "Well, I think they're Satan." Stumps me. A very very right-wing friend of mine lectured me that the ACLU is trying to start a communist take-over of the government. Again, stumped. But that Cafe Press quote beats everything.
I wish he actually made shirts that said that, and

"The ACLU and there liberal policies breed ANARCHY!" (emph mine, quote here)

I found the link thru a blog that didn't allow comments, which's probably a good thing or I might've been tempted to start another flame war.
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