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Friday, June 17, 2005
  11:43 PM — Cafepress and Photos
While surfing I happened across someone else's Cafepress store, which reminded me that I've got my own! Of course, it's in horrible shape, and the features have changed a bundle since I last looked at it, so I have to resize and reupload all the pictures I want to be on things, so it'll need a lot of work before I've got anything I'd want to buy even for myself, let alone as gifts for friends.

I still think Snapfish is best for photo printing--their prints really ARE photo quality (unlike what you get from some others), and the colors are Fuji-riffic! In actuality, they use HP paper, but if you ever had much color film processed and printed back before digicams were ubiquitous, you would've found as I did that Fuji had super-vibrant colors. I found this unfortunate, as I would rather give my business to Kodak -- historically the company did a lot for fledgling professional astrophotography back in the nineteen-teens so I would like to give them my business, but the Fuji product was sadly enough superior that I had to choose them over brand loyalty. But that's ok, I don't do film anymore so they both lose now. :-P

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