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Wednesday, June 22, 2005
  9:14 PM — Bussing
Since my car's been in the shop (8 days), I've taken the bus in to campus three times. Today the 1:00pm bus never came. I arrived 10 minutes early (12:50pm), and the bus arrived at 1:35pm. Which means that the 1pm never came, and the 1:30 was 5 minutes late. Strange...

Each time right before getting to campus, the bus passes by the Meinekie my car's at. Each time my car is in a different location. Interesting considering that the last time I saw the inside of the car there was a pair of locking pliers in the place of the steering wheel and they were telling me I couldn't have it back b/c that's how it was staying until the parts came in.

Speaking of which, the first part of the Tri-Force steering column rebuild kit came in today. Once we get all three and finish the quest of rebuilding it, I'll be severely disappointed if a Princess doesn't jump out of the fucking trunk when I go to pick it up.

It's amazing sometimes just how much trouble an old clunker can become. After a mouse had made a nest on the top of my fuel tank and chewed through the wiring harness that shorted out the fuel pump, I decided it was time to retire my '89 T-Bird. A new car sometimes is the price you pay for freedom. Like your blog. Conversational tone, and informative with a humorous touch.
It is obvious you are a bus novice! Welcome to the delightful world of nasty bus drivers, stench-emitting bums(both kinds), verbally obnoxious substance abusers, long waits, wrestling matches for your personal space and the ever-present handful of really, really nice people such as me and yourself, of course. Here's hoping you get your car up and running real quick!!
And what are planning to do with the Princess :-)

I know what you mean when you are without a vehicle, especially the mysterious non-moving vehicle that clearly moves around the garage yard.

I hope the bill is not too bad when it is done.
I'm used to commuting in cities with real public transportation systems, like New York and Amherst. New York's busses and trains do NOT shut at 8pm. And while Amherst isn't a city, you can't deny that it's got a great bus system to the surrounding area!

And yesterday the mechanic told me it wouldn't cost me over $500, which is horrible, but relieving. I just keep repeating "cheaper than a new car." Plus I'm going on a road trip mid-July, so I need it spic'n'span for that.
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