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Tuesday, June 28, 2005
  10:54 AM — All I have to do is dream
I realized recently that I've had three major dreams in my life: to drive a car, to be a teacher, and to own a house. Meatloaf may think two out of three ain't bad, but I'm shooting for all of them.

I hope you are already setting up your next set of dreams in the background otherwise things might stop once you have achieved the third one.

Two years ago having just done a big family holiday to the US which used up all our resources I dreamed that we had a big house and cut out pics of million pound properties (prices are ridiculous in the UK). Maybe we didn't get the mansion. We got something better - spare bedrooms, separate office, easy access to town and at a price we could comfortably afford. We moved the same year as the holiday.

You have to have your dreams.... 'cos how you gonna make your dreams come true?! (A little adapted from the musical South Pacific) :-)
Yes, what is your next set of dreams once these are realized?
Well, it's still going to take me a while to realize the home ownership dream. My current salary would not allow me to easily make mortgage payments (house prices in New England are also ridiculous). Additionally, I'd rather not buy a house until T$ (my bf) and I know where we want to settle.

By the time that happens I'll at least have new goals, but I think those three were my childhood dreams. New ones for adulthood might be things like starting a family, going back to grad school, or running a marathon. Probably in that order. I hate running even more than I hate the sexist pricks at my old grad school.
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