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Friday, May 20, 2005
  3:16 PM — News: Sidebar
I've now added way down in the sidebar, a set of Google Ads. Chances are, no one will ever click on them so I'll never earn a single penny, but who knows! Lots of the webcomics I read have been using them, so I was curious whether lil' ol' me with a readership of maybe 2 or 3 could actually earn anything. I highly doubt it since those 2-3 people are intelligent geeks like myself whom wouldn't accidentally click on an ad for free penis-enlarging boob-enhancing free-trial of iPod Viagra, but <shrug>... If I become a billionaire, I'll smoke a hundred-dollar bill in your honor.

Meanwhile, Blogger behaves all sorts of differently with Mozilla--it's got a tab for compose vs. edit html, and neither one wanted to let me do the "shrug" with brackets around it unless I did the html code for the brackets.

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