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Tuesday, May 03, 2005
  8:55 AM — Gravity is a Theory Einstein Disproved!
Kansas is at it again, trying to prevent evolution from being taught in schools. At this point, I have to remind people of the scientific definition of "theory"--it means something that we have proven to the best of our ability.

Things in science can never be proven absolutely true, but they can be disproven. Evolution has not yet been disproven--sure there are other options, but none have satisfied our criteria and therefore none others are accepted. Saying something is a theory means it's as close to "true," we're as close to "sure" as scientists can be.

Gravity, on the other hand, is a disproven theory. Gravity as it is taught in school is wrong. Gravity as an inexplicable field of force (F=GmM/r^2) is NOT true. Newton's concept of gravity was disproven in the 19-teens by Einstein, aged 20 or 30.

Gravity is known to be WRONG, and we still teach it in schools. Evolution is TRUE (as far as we can tell), and yet people are trying to take it out of schools. Something's fucked up in this country.

Gravity is a Disproven Theory

Gravity is a Theory Einstein Disproved

Gravity is Only a Theory!

Gravity & Evolution: Only Theories!

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