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Thursday, April 07, 2005
  8:15 AM — Hidden costs
I wish the chorus had just told me up front what all the hidden costs would be.

Even if it weren't for the continual pressure to rehearse music at home, and the many extra rehearsals they keep sliding in, the cost would be getting a little much for me. There's a good chance I'm going to quit after this concert.

Sounds like it's not fun anymore, and music without fun is just pointless synchronized vibration! Hopefully there is a more suitable forum for your musical abilities, because this one sounds like it has quite a dearth of fun.

Plus, I read your comment about FoodLady and the popcorn - what kind of party IS a popcorn-sort of party? Does she think that suddenly, with the appearance of the salty crunchy treat, Hugh Hefner and his Playboy Bunnies will pop out of the woodwork and take over? Is popcorn a particular favorite of Fidel Castro? Does this woman have hidden popcorn issues stemming from a childhood incident that only her therapist knows about?

Damn, I want some popcorn now.
That would be awesome if playboy bunnies hopped out in the middle of our concert! When I think tortilla chips, I think drunken frat boys watching a Red Sox game and dripping salsa all over the brown carpet (brown from years of dripping food on it), but I guess I could see where she might get a similar image from popcorn. <shrug> Someone else pointed out that it could instead be how popcorn is a different type of finger food--you grab a messy handful, rather than delicately placing a few chips on your plate. But then, what about the salsa and guacamole? (Not that I brought/made any.)
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