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Wednesday, March 23, 2005
  8:35 AM — Terri Schiavo
Enough with the right to die. Too much of the right to life. And don't even try talking about the Constitutionality of the Congressional vote. What I want to know is the cold, hard cash.

In most similar cases, the issue is the family vs. the hospital (or state), when the hospital refuses to keep the patient alive any more. In some states, the law is that when it appears that a patient is not going to recover, the hospital has the right to pull the plug unless someone else can take care of the patient--another hospital paid for by insurance, a nursing home paid out of pocket, or the family themselves paid in sweat and tears. For the amount of money I'm sure the Schindler family has spent on lawyers, they could have saved the lives of four other vegetative patients who didn't have husbands debating the patient's will.

And just in case, I wrote a rough-draft living will that's on my laptop. Yeah, seems silly to me, but there it is. Being an agnostic atheist, in sum, I don't care. :)

Don't feel bad about your living will. They're like funerals, in that they are about you but not for you. They're so your family doesn't make a national spectacle of themselves. The wills, I mean. Not the funerals.

Sweet! I think having my funeral be a national spectacle would be fun. Think I could get Dubya to be the clown? Oh wait, he already is! <slaps thigh> And Rumsfield could wear a bear suit and ride the unicycle while Cheney swallows fire. It'd be awesome.
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