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Tuesday, March 15, 2005
  4:30 PM — Learn Math with an AMAZING New Pill!!!!
I just got several hundered emails from this Environmental Education group I'm a member of. To every single member, they just sent the username and password of every single member, in separate emails. Since it was done automatically, they all were dumped into my inbox simultaneously.

Let's see, if there were 200 emails, at roughly 3k each, that makes 600kB of email at once. For a typical account size of 1M, typically already half full on average, that makes more than 100 email accounts crashed simultaneously.

Additionally, according to the CAN-SPAM act of 2003 mass emailers have to include opt-out information in their emails or suffer up to $250 per offense. So 200 emails sent to 200 people is 40,000 emails at $250 each, makes (4e4*25e1=100e5=1e7) $10,000,000 in fines. Thankfully for MEES it caps at $2 million, and most of their mailing list are teachers who wouldn't know about spam legislation, and I'm irritated but not enough to call them on it.

I like math! :)

However, the emails continue to stream in...

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