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Wednesday, March 02, 2005
  11:12 PM — Grading
As usual I was bitching to my awesomest friend Jeth about the pain-in-the-ass that is grading, and more so when labs. (In case you're unaware, communitiy colleges don't have grad students to do it for us. In fact, they don't even have juniors or seniors--they're TWO YEAR schools.)

Jeth: How's it going? I took my usual 3 hour Wed. nap earlier but then I at least did 3 hours of reading at Starbucks.

Me: not bad. I"m getting behidn on grading again.

Jeth: give more multople choice

Me: on labs? ok!

Jeth: ex. Fully describe the procedure used to determine the constant g. a.) yes b.) don't know c.) all of the above d.) just a and c e.) g isn't constant f.) g, what's that? g.) g h.) b and maybe f if it is a full moon in the middle 3 days of March i.) who cares

I laughed for two minutes straight.

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