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Saturday, March 26, 2005
  4:53 PM — Brain damaged woman requests final hour entertainment
From CNN:

David Gibbs, an attorney for Bob and Mary Schindler, had asked the state court Friday to authorize Schiavo to receive a radio this Easter weekend.

The motion by Schiavo's parents contended that in the presence of Schiavo's sister, Suzanne Vitadamo, and others, Schiavo attempted to verbalize the name of her preferred brand.

"She managed to articulate the first two vowel sounds, first articulating 'ahhhhhhh' and then virtually screaming 'waaaaaaaaa,'" the motion says. She did not say anything further.

"We are not sure whether she would be satisfied with a Sony or JVC," says Gibbs, "but as this may be her last request, we would rather play it safe and give her the Aiwa."

George Felos, the attorney for Michael Schiavo, Terri's husband and guardian, had called the parents' motion "outrageous" and "an abuse of the legal system."

The years-long fight has pitted Terri Schiavo's husband against her parents. Michael Schiavo has argued that his wife had said, before her illness, that she would rather watch TV than listen to the radio if she were in such a condition.

The Schindlers argue that their daughter never made such an entertainment declaration and that she would not want to be, in their words, "a couch potato."

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