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Wednesday, February 09, 2005
  3:11 PM — Snow Pool
Now taking bets for tomorrow's (Thurs, 2/10) snow day. Bets are $5 (five bucks) each, and you are betting on the delayed start time or early closing time of my school due to snow. Not the time the notice goes out, but the time the school actually closes. You pick a time (hours and minutes), it must be different from anyone else's previous guess. The person who guesses closest to the actual time the school either closes early, or opens late, wins the whole pot. If school is closed all day, I win, but staying home is winning enough, I don't need any money. If school is closed all day, I certainly don't get any money. :( This is an honor-pool: no one needs to give me cash, we'll all just send our money to whomever actually wins. Make your guess by leaving a comment; pick a unique time. In case of two people tieing (equidistant from the real time), if the minutes on my clock when I get the news are even, then the earlier person wins, otherwise the later wins. You may place or change bets until 5:00am Eastern tomorrow (Thurs).

My guess: 12 noon.

Betting is closed, with only myself betting. :) 10 am now, all schools opened as normal, it's been raining all morning.
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