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Tuesday, October 19, 2004
  8:05 PM — Voting?
Well, I got my PA absentee ballot on Friday, filled it out Monday, but I couldn't mail it today and WHY? Because I don't have any stamps. @#*&. Nader was listed as a presidential candidate, but there was an extra "warning" sheet of paper saying that as of when the ballot was sent, they hadn't yet decided his eligibility (none). I voted for Pres and Senator (drats, I can't vote out Senator Santorum until 2006, which's also when I get to approve gay marriage back in MA). For the other positions I don't like making an uninformed vote, so I would normally leave them blank. This year, upon somebody's suggestion (I forget who, let me know if it was you), I wrote in Ralph Nader for all the unimportant positions. I figured perhaps I'd make a pollster chuckle.

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