Strange Musings *hyuk*
Sunday, May 02, 2004
  3:44 PM — Chicks!
I totally want chickens when I grow up. It popped into my head friday when one of our students was telling us all about his 25 new chicks. It seems if you cradle one gently in your hands, and rotate it's body so that it's feet no longer point down, the chick turns its head around so that its head is always upright. That just seemed SOOOOO CUTE to me.


BTW, don't ever run a Google search on "chick" around kids unless you turn their "Safe Search" on. Ditto "Bush." Surprisingly, one of my Springfield 8th graders asked me why naked women kept popping up. His friends were all laughing, so I told them they could explain it to him after school.

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