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Wednesday, November 26, 2003
  7:26 AM — Infinite Monkeys throw Infinite Shit at Infinite Computers
Monkeys can't write Shakespeare. They can't even figure out where the keyboard is on a computer. And even if they could find the keyboard, typing an infinite number of letters for an infinite time is still no garuntee. For example, they could simply type an infinite number of letter A's. That would take an infinite time, yet they would never get the complete works of Shakespeare, abridged or no. Gotta love infinities.

Cardinal Number (c/o MathWorld) discusses the levels of infinity.
Counting Numbers (also MathWorld) defines the different types of "whole" numbers.
Monkeys Don't Write Shakespeare (original AP article c/o Wired News)
Notes Towards the Complete Works of Shakespeare (official page of the experiment/performance art)
White Light by Rudy Rucker, a surreal sci-fi novel regarding infinities and God.

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