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Tuesday, November 25, 2003
  5:09 PM — Astronomically awestruck
barely beyond the edge of the Earth
the newborn lies cradled in the arms of love

Stepping off the bus today I saw an amazing site of the crescent moon juxtaposed beside a bright Venus in the West. It was beautiful to look at, the thin sliver of moon pointed at the ground, shining pinprick to its right less than the same distance away, framed on the left by tree branches and on the right by houses, with the sky luminously blue. But geek that I am, I found it even more amazing knowing that about 24 hours ago the new moon (now waxing crescent) passed in front of the sun in Antartica, and in addition that in less than a year Venus will do the same for the world for the first time in over a hundred years.

To paraphrase the Bad Astronomer, the universe is fascinating and gorgeous in its own right; there is no need for me to invent supernatural additions to it, be they gods or ghosts.

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