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Monday, October 20, 2003
  1:45 PM — Wiki!!!
I have just discovered the joy that is wikiwiki. As I understand it, the term "wikiwiki" refers to webpages that are editable by anyone. In application, see Wikipedia and Wiktionary. When you first visit these pages, you see an encyclopedia (Wikipedia) or dictionary (Wiktionary) that doesn't seem much out of the ordinary. I found that Wikipedia was a little better than other free encyclopedais, while Wiktionary was a little worse than other free dictionaries. Then after surfing for a while, you realize that there are some non-existant entries, and a solicitation for YOU to write the entry! This is a full blown peer review consensus based linguistic (and scientific) community! I am amazed. And I am impressed by how good some of the physics articles are. Check it out. I put in the first Wikipedia entry on my Alma Mater. ;)

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