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Friday, October 17, 2003
  6:34 PM — Men are Stupid Slackers; Women are Victims of the Male Hierarchy
Okay, so if a girl chooses to cease her graduate career b/c she's tired of everyone comparing dick sizes with her, even the other women, she's really an unknowning victim of the established patriarchy which does not allow outspoken women to remain threats to men. Or so say the feminists. I bet if a man chose the same as me, the feminists would think nothing of it, that he was simply a washout that couldn't take the rigors of grad school, or that he wasn't smart enough or hard working enough to make the necessary grades, or maybe he just got off to a bad start at that school. Funny, I thought that was the reason I was booted out. Guess I was wrong. It's the male dominated society, I see that now.

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